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Introducing the easy... fast... and secure way to pay all your bills in one place. Online Bill Pay It's a great way to manage your payments. You can pay virtually anyone in the United States... From the local bakery... to a fortune 500 company. Even your baby sitter. Plus, you can group similar payments... like utilities, cable, and phone... into categories... like household. To help you stay organized. Select the convenience of eBills. You can choose to receive bills online... rather than through the mail. They're green, convenient, secure... and easy to manage. Set email reminders that can notify you when a bill is ready to be viewed... or when it's due. It's completely up to you. And for your bills that stay the same each month... like your mortgage... car loan... and your cable bill... take advantage of the automatic payment feature... and your bill will be paid each month, automatically. It's like having a personal assistant paying your bills for you. Need to make sure you made a payment? Your bill history is right at your fingertips. You can search for past payments by company... date, and status... the moment you need an answer, wherever you are. And our secure messaging center... helps you get answers to any other question you might have. For instance... How did you pay that so fast? It's very secure. In fact... experts say it's more secure than mailing paper checks. Reducing your risk of fraud and identity theft. So give it a try... and see how much time it saves you.

A Quick Tour

From the moment you pay your first bill... whether it's your mortgage... your cable tv... or your car loan. You'll appreciate a secure payment solution... that's not only simple... it's also flexible enough to reimburse your best friend for those concert tickets. It's just that easy. And getting started is simple. The first time you log in... you'll be guided through a simple... three step process of adding and paying your first billers. You'll be surprised how easy it is. Add companies by logo... or by searching for their name. And paying a person is as easy as telling us who you'd like to pay... Then, simply proceed to your payment center. That's it! From your payment center... you can add more billers... and pay bills in seconds. You'll also review your payee activity... add Reminders... set up automatic payments... And if your biller offers eBills... choose to receive your bill electronically. On the right... you'll see your Incoming Payments... Reminders... Pending Payments... including outgoing... and incoming. You'll also see any payments that have recently completed. From the menu... you can review all your bill pay activity. You can also manage which accounts are used. as well as manage your profile information. And finally... If you have questions... visit our help center to get answers to the most commonly asked questions. It's a powerful, complete payment system... that's easy to use... and very secure.

The Payment Center

Once you've set up at least one biller... you'll see your payment center. The payment center... is your dashboard for your bill pay activities. Send Money... is where you make your payments... and manage your contacts. You can add new companies and people. View your activity... add reminders... and set up automatic payments. Plus if your biller offers eBills... you can choose to receive your bill electronically. You can also view a payees specific details... such as the category... account number... and contact information. And you can remove bills that are no longer needed as well. Once you've added at least five billers... you can begin adding categories... to help organize your list. On the right... you'll see your incoming payments that are awaiting your approval. you'll also find your reminders... pending payments... and the payments that have recently completed. Outgoing... displays the payments you've sent. While incoming... displays those you've received. And sending money is as easy as telling us how much to pay... then sending the money. The payment center makes managing your bills a breeze.

Add A Company

Adding a payee to your payment center is easy. Begin by choosing whether you'd like to add a company or a person. To add a company... either search for your company by name... or select a category... and browse for their logo. Then simply enter your account number. And if they offer eBills... you'll be offered the opportunity to receive your bill electronically. eBills are quicker... environmentally friendly... and more secure than receiving your bill through the mail. When ready, add them. That's it. If finished, you can continue to your payment center... or add another bill. This time, lets search by name. If a match is found... just select their icon. Or, if we can't find a match... select the payee type... and enter your account information manually. It's just that easy. You'll see your newly added companies in your pay bills list.

Add A Person

Adding a person to your payment center... is just as easy as adding a company. Simply tell us who you'd like to add... and enter their address information. It's just that easy. If finished, continue to your payment center. You'll see your newly added person in your pay bills list.

Sending Money

Once you've added a company... or person... to your payment center... you can start paying bills... or sending people money. To pay a bill... simply enter the amount... and the earliest standard payment date is added automatically. You can use the calendar to change this date. If a rush delivery is available... you'll have the option of expediting your payment. For companies that can receive electronic payments... we'll pay them today. Or, if they require a paper check... we'll overnight a check to them. Paying a person is just as easy. Once you've filled in the amounts you'd like to pay... and your total dollar amount looks correct... send your money. Review your payments... and if you've selected to send them a Popmoney payment... add a personal message about why you're sending them money. When ready, Submit. That's it. From here... you can print the confirmation details for your records... and return to your Payment Center. You'll see your newly added payments under Pending Payments. You can change... or cancel any payment that has not yet been sent.


Paying bills online is easy... fast... and secure. And when you add e-Bills... you unlock many more great features. Plus since e-Bills are delivered in a secured electronic environment… they're safer than receiving paper bills. And making the switch to eBills is easy. If a biller offers e-Bills... you'll see the Get e-Bills flag next to their name. just click to sign up. If you have multiple e-Bills available... select a biller... provide the information requested... agree to their terms of use... and... add them. Continue with other billers... Then when ready... agree it's ok to share your email address... and... Submit. That's it. Once activated... a small icon will be added next to the e-Bills link for each biller. and when your bill is ready... you'll see at-a-glance... the due date... and minimum amount due. Selecting the flag... or clicking the e-Bills link... will display your payment information. Along with a link to view your bill. To make a payment... just select... or enter the amount... and make your payment as usual. e-Bills are just that easy... and you can cancel them at anytime. Still not convinced? Some billers even offer a trial period... so you can try using eBills while still receiving your paper bill. If you don't activate e-Bills by the end of your trial period... you'll simply stop receiving them. If you have a biller offering a trial period... you'll either see the number of remaining days. or if your bill is ready to view... you'll see the due date... and minimum payment. Just click the flag to view your bill... and make your payment. Once paid... the flag will switch back to show the number of trial days remaining. Clicking it during this time will take you to the enrollment. And clicking the e-Bills link... offers a brief overview... along with a link to enroll. e-Bills. Simple. Convenient. Secure.

Organize Your List

Once you've added at least 5 payees to your Payment Center... you'll have the option of organizing your payees into groups... to help make them easier to manage. Simply add a new group... then use the dropdown selector next to a biller... to move that bill into that new group. You can hide them from your Payment Center... rename them... and delete groups that are no longer useful. When you're finished... return to the Payment Center to see your list.

Automatic Payments

AutoPay... is perfect for bills that stay the same each month. For example... car payments... mortgages... and cellphones. It not only saves time... it can help avoid missed payments. To set up auto pay... just tell us about the payment. Including the amount... delivery date... frequency... duration... and how you'd like to be notified. Then, when ready... start sending payments. That's all it takes. You'll see your new payment information... and when your next bill is due... we'll take care of it automatically. And we'll continue paying it as long as instructed. You can add multiple auto pays... make changes... or stop it at any time. Autopay makes paying bills that stay the same each month... a piece of cake.


Reminders... are perfect for bills that often change each month. For example, credit cards... and utilities. And like automatic payments... they not only save time... they help you avoid missed payments. To set up a reminder... Just tell us about the payment. Including the typical due date... the amount you usually pay... how often you receive the bill... and how far in advance you'd like your reminder to show up in your payment center. To have your reminder emailed to you... just tell us where to send it. and when to remind you. When it's due... when it begins processing... and if it's not paid by the due date. Then, send it. That's it. You'll see a preview of your new reminder. And you can change it... or stop it at any time. Once triggered... we'll place a reminder on your payee. And if you selected to have us remind you through email... we'll also email your reminder as instructed. Reminders help make paying bills that fluctuate each month... almost as easy as AutoPay.

View Activity

Selecting the Activity tab... displays an overview of all your payment activity. You can change the date range... and filter your list to display the activity for a specific type of payment. Selecting a payment displays its details. including a status bar... confirmation number... and type of payment. Plus you can make changes to, or cancel... any payment that has a status of pending. From here, even download this information to your desktop.


From the menu... you can also review the accounts you've set up. And edit the account nickname.


Your profile... lets you review some of your basic settings associated with our bill pay service. You can view your personal information... Including the name... phone number... mailing address... and email address... that are currently on file. And you can change your email address associated with your online bill payments at any time. Plus... if you have more than one eligible account... you can also update your default account used to pay bills.


Located at the bottom of most pages... is our built in messaging center. It is a safe and convenient way... to inquire about your recent bill pay activity... or any general questions you might have that were not answered in Help. Communications will be ordered by date... with the most recent appearing first... and unread messages will be marked as new. From here you can read, delete... and send messages. You'll receive a response to any message that you send us. Plus, depending on the features you've set up in your account... you'll also receive your eBill... and automatic payment notifications here.